8 Week transformation

You're a pumpkin spice loving, yoga fanatic who is tired of being self conscious of your downward dog and finally ready to get your health on track.

The problem

You’re too busy juggling your professional and family’s schedule to sit down and filter through all the overwhelming nutritional information

You’re paralyzed by the unrealistic expectations set by those skinny Instagram models posting their salads and half-naked selfies

You feel stuck because you’ve tried before, but life always gets in the way

You're probably wondering...

I’m afraid of the negative health effect I may have already developed through poor nutrition

Will I just be miserable and hangry for the next 8 weeks?

Will I just go back to my old eating habits when the 6 weeks are over?

If I commit to this transformation will I be able to enjoy my upcoming social events and holidays?

Where in the world do I start?

Can I commit 6 weeks to prioritize my health?

I’ve tried other diets that didn’t work, what makes this different?


Hi, I'm Lacy

I’m a certified health coach that can’t say no to a warm chocolate chip cookie and am obsessed with helping women find the balance between healthy and happy.  

 Years ago, I was gulping down Coke’s, slathering butter on my pop tarts and avoiding the dentist like I avoided a salad. When I began to have dramatic blood sugar fluctuations that would keep me down for the day and developing a gluten intolerance on top of that, I knew I needed to get my health on track. That’s where my nutrition journey began. 

Since then, I’ve tried all the trending diets, navigated through an overwhelming amount of nutritional information, busted myths that guarantee quick results without effort, and discovered proven, scientific methods that have helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle.

 Now, instead of using caffeinated, sugar-loaded drinks, I know exactly what to eat and drink to give me consistent energy. I no longer spend hours doing cardio to keep up with my old fast-food routine. Today, I maintain a healthy lifestyle through sustainable and appetizing eating habits.


  • Creating a healthy lifestyle where you can maintain a healthy figure while balancing your professional schedule, social life, and family events.
  • Feeling confident enough to post your own Gym Selfie, while ignoring those fake Instagram models forever
  • Having the body you want without starving yourself
  • Never dieting again - because you have developed healthy habits that support a balanced lifestyle
  • Having a supportive accountability partner that is there to encourage and guide you every step of the way.
  • Setting up your yoga mat at the front of the class without stressing about other judgments

It’s not too late, you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle too

6 week transformation

Join me on an 8-week journey and…

  • Learn exactly what natural foods will fuel your body
  • Receive all my nutritional knowledge and fitness experience bundled into 6 weeks 
  • Watch your body shed excess fat without hours on a treadmill 
  • I’ll be your judgment-free accountability partner who is committed to getting you results 
  • Finally, develop eating habits that are sustainable and will work with your unpredictable schedule 
  • Enjoy consistent energy to keep up with your families inconsistent schedule
  • Get your self-confidence back when you check yourself out in the mirror 
  • Add fruitful years to your life by mitigating chronic disease through healthier choices

8 Week Total

An extremely personalized 8-week adventure for beautiful women who have decided to once-and-for-all prioritize their health and just need a little nudge.

Take my hand as I personally guide you through 8-weeks of transforming your habits, your thoughts about nutrition or dieting and, of course, your body. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

We will laugh a lot, cry a little, but, most importantly,  we will celebrate together once you see your results. You won’t recognize yourself at the end of our journey together.  So excited for you to join me!

once purchased you'll...

  • Receive an immediate Welcome Email detailing what's to come
  • Fill out a questionnaire to determine goals
  • Get access to tips to fully prepare your environment for the change
  • Be invited to setup your online profile on my app and join the Facebook group for support

the program includes

  • 8 weeks of personalized nutrition coaching
  • 8 PDFs full of all the knowledge i've obtained through education and experience
  • 8 check-ins; 2 through a call, 6 via email
  • Email access - I'm available anytime, for any questions!
  • Access to an app that details your goals and tracks your trajectory
  • Detailed grocery food list
  • Weekly meal plan
  • Bonus! Personalized recipes that fit your macros

“All big things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision. But as that decision is repeated, a habit sprouts and grows stronger. Roots entrench themselves and branches grow. The task of breaking a bad habit is like uprooting a powerful oak within us. And the task of building a good habit is like cultivating a delicate flower one day at a time.”

James Clear


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