hi, i'm lacy

Health Coach – Judgement Free Accountability Partner 

Gluten Free Fanatic – Crossfit Enthusiast – Meal Prep Master

I’m a certified health coach that loves making delicious recipes, because who wants a salad for every meal? I’m always learning and sharing how to make the healthier choice, but can’t say no to a warm chocolate chip cookie – I’m obsessed with finding the balance between healthy and happy.

I help women just like you achieve your personal image of health by 

  • providing all the support you need through weekly 1-on-1 coaching
  • offering meal plans that remove that daily, doubting question of “what should I eat?”
  • guiding you through my 8-week transformation program that guarantees results (because hey – we all want to feel confident when we look in the mirror)

I have a habit of finding something amazing and wanting to share it with anyone I come in contact with. Whatever it is – if it’s great, I feel this compulsive need to bring everyone into it to experience the joy. And the one thing I’ve discovered that brings me the most joy has been developing healthy systems that support a happy, balanced lifestyle. 

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Nutrition and fitness are my true passion, but to bring someone else along on that journey - that’s a whole new level of aspiration. 

What I Offer

Go Gluten-Free Course

Go Gluten free walks you along my journey on how I learned to get rid of gluten and start enjoying eating again. I was motivated to start this journey after suffering from severe side effects that were a constant pain in my life for years. If you can relate to this type of pain and discomfort, then take a peek at my extremely detailed guide 

I can’t wait for you to feel as good as me.  Let’s remove remove gluten from your life!

8 Week Transformation Program

Join me on an 8-week nutrition transformation that is designed to get you healthy, visible results.  Connect with the hundreds of women, who were just like you, as we transform your life from low-energy and unhealthy to energetic and thriving. The entire program is customized specifically to your needs and was designed to remove all doubt and add healthy habits. Slots are limited to 5 members per session, sign up today and be a part of our next 8-week transformation – it will change your life. 

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