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You’re not necessarily sure what gluten is, but you are 100% positive of the post eating, stomach-stabbing pain and discomfort that sends you rushing to the bathroom in a keeled-over sprint.

The problem

  • You’re too busy juggling your professional and family’s schedule to sit down and filter through all the overwhelming information about gluten to figure out how to feel better
  • You feel stuck because you have no idea what gluten is or where to start. 
  • You’re afraid that going gluten free will restrict you from enjoying your life
  • You’re afraid that going gluten free will inconvenience your friends and family

You're probably wondering...

  • What exactly is gluten?
  • Are there even enough gluten free foods to sustain a normal diet?
  • Do gluten free foods taste good?
  • Will I still be able to eat out?
  • Will this last forever?
  • Will excluding gluten from my diet get rid of my stomach problems?
  • I don’t think I can live without bread and pasta…is it possible? (hint* – bread and pasta can definitely still be part of your life – just without the pain and discomfort)

Hi, I'm Lacy

I’m a certified health coach who hasn’t touched a single, mouthwatering #1 Chick-fil-a Chicken sandwich in years! No, not because I’m worried about the carb count. It’s because of the bloated, stabbing, and uncomfortable pain that immediately follows. I’m obsessed with teaching women, like you, how to avoid these side effects (plus many others) and live a satisfying, gluten-free life. 

Years ago, I was slathering butter on my pop tarts and putting Chick-fil-A out of business. Until I suddenly began to develop these odd symptoms after some meals. At first it started out as being uncomfortably bloated, then it progressively got worse – from breathing problems to sharp stomach pains – it was terrible. After putting up with it for about 2 years, I knew something was wrong and that I needed to make a change. 
That’s where my gluten-free journey began.
That transition was tough. I remember one long road trip, stopping for gas with my husband, and finding myself surrounded by so many food options (McDonalds, Wendy’s, Arbys), but none that I could eat without severe consequences. I was hangry and helpless. 
Frustrating moments like these are what inspired me to share my journey. I’ve created a complete guide for Going Gluten Free that covers all the details, big and small, to help others make the switch as seamless as possible.
I’ve discovered 100s of tasty recipes, tried all the gluten-free brands, navigated through awkward conversations with gluten-full restaurant waiters, the uncomfortable conversations after the invitation to a dinner party, and so much more. Anything and everything that has to do with transitioning and living a GF lifestyle you will find in my guide.
Now, I can still enjoy tasty treats and going out to eat, just without the constant bloated feeling and stomach pain. I know exactly what to eat and drink to give me consistent energy and feel great, while enjoying gluten-free options of everyday food!


  • Transitioning into a completely gluten free lifestyle without that overwhelming, tossed in the ocean without a life vest, feeling
  • Enjoying the freedom to eat delicious gluten-free meals without crossing your fingers for no side effects.
  • No longer having those terrible stomach pains that send you rushing to the bathroom, embarrassed because of an upset (very angry) stomach.
  • Having the knowledge of knowing what to eat at social events, where to stop on road trips, and knowing exactly how to navigate pot-luck dinners with friends - all without sacrificing your health
  • No longer guessing if a food has gluten, because you know exactly what to look for on the nutrition label
  • Finally finding the answer to those terrible side effects and and feeling like the healthier version of you that you've been searching for

you can enjoy a tasty, Gluten-free lifestyle

going gluten free guide

Download my Going Gluten-Free guide and…

  • Learn what gluten is and how you can avoid the stomach pain and intestinal issues it causes
  • Have access to my personal email to help guide you every step of the way
  • Receive a travel guide with all the best gluten free options and restaurants
  • Have access to a guide on the best gluten free brands and which ones to avoid
  • Learn how to recreate your favorite meals, without gluten.
  • Download a ready to shop grocery list of all the gluten free essentials
  • Tackle the transition of going gluten free without the hassle and learning curve that took me months to figure out on my own


An extremely detailed guide for anyone who has decided to eliminate gluten from your life. 

Go Gluten free walks you along my journey on how I learned to get rid of gluten and start enjoying eating again. I was motivated to start this journey after suffering from severe side effects that were a constant pain in my life for years. If you can relate to this type of pain and discomfort, then take a peek at my extremely detailed guide. 

I can’t wait for you to feel as good as me.  Let’s remove remove gluten from your life!

Invest In Yourself, Invest In Your Health.

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